Family Clutter: Whose is it, Who brings it in

"I was organized before I had kids" That is the statement that I hear most from families. I work with a lot of families that are struggling with keeping their space organized. Its hard enough to manage ones stuff but add two or three little ones in the mix.

So where is the clutter coming from? Whose is it and how can you can it under control? Last time I checked, you can't get a drivers license till you are 16. So, that being said, the kids aren't coming home with car loads of stuff.

1. Food Clutter- Admit it!! You go cray cray at the cosco! Yes, it can save money and time. Buy what you need and use. Don't buy hundreds of zip lock bags when you may use five per month. Also make sure you have a place to store it.

2. Toy Clutter-Between holidays, grandparents, and well meaning friends, you are bound to have lots of stuff for your little ones. If possible, convert one room to a play room. Don't let the toys take over the house. Zone your space. You will most likely need to find space for toys, crafts, and books. Keep them contained. If you have an extra room, consider using elfa shelving on the walls. You can like up toys, books, and puzzles on them.

3. Clothes Clutter- Clean out your kids closet after each season. Bin up too small clothes for the next munchkin or if that is not the case them; consign, donate, or pass to a friend.

4. Artwork Clutter- And so the little ones are coming home with lots of paper. Its a personal choice what you want to save or toss. Have a memory bin for artwork. Also, have a place where your kids can hang up their creations.

The keys to keeping the family home organized are:

* Defining your space
* Watch what you bring or "let" in
* Regular purging

Happy Organizing!!

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