The Dressing Room; A Solution for an Extra Bedroom

I am beginning to see a new trend. Screw the guestroom! That extra bedroom is becoming a dressing room. What is a dressing room you ask? It's a place to get your girly on!

In the last few months I have designed and organized several of these rooms. Women area uncrowding their closets and setting up a room just for getting dressed. Its a fun project. Here are some tips on setting up your own dressing room.

1. Line a wall with shoe racks or bookcases for shoe storage. Organize by color or style.

2. For purses either have a bookcase or hooks in the wall.

3. The elfa system from the container store is also a good system for storing items. You can elfa the walls and turn in your room into a closet.

4. Small hooks work well for jewelry. Carve out space on the wall to make a jewelry center. Also framed plastic canvas works well for holding earrings.

5. Organize clothing- like with like. If there is a closet in the room, use it. Consider elfa racking one wall or having a moveable hanging wardrobe rack.

6. A small rolling garment rack can also be used to stage your clothes for the week.

7. A small desk or vanity for putting on your makeup.

So there you have it, a few tips on setting up your own dressing room!

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