Passwords; Options to Organize Them

Wow. These days everything requires a password. For awhile, I did everything by memory. That soon failed. So I typed up all my passwords in apha order and felt pretty good about it. That was until last night. I took an organizing class(always trying to keep up with the latest) and was amazed at the tools for organizing passwords.

1. Keepass- A free open source password manager. All your passwords are kept on one online database. You have one password to access your list.

2. Roboform-This solution is also a database. It will cost you $9.95 per year.

3. 1password- This solution is also a database which is accessed through one password. They offer a free 30 day trial and the cost is $49.99.

4. Lastpass-Another free solution you can download from the internet.

5. Internet Password Organizer- This is a book. It has 104 spots for you to list your passwords. It's endorsed by several professional organizers.

So there you have it. Several solutions for organizing your passwords. The most important thing is to have them all together. Get rid of the scraps of paper and post it notes.

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