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Life Transitions; Letting go of the past, making room for the future

Whether its career or hobby related, life is always transforming. At times we find ourselves cluttered with a bunch of stuff from our past. Stuff that used to define us. Stuff that used to be a part of our daily lives. Now its sitting in boxes in a corner or cluttering up various areas of... Read more »

The Dressing Room; A Solution for an Extra Bedroom

I am beginning to see a new trend. Screw the guestroom! That extra bedroom is becoming a dressing room. What is a dressing room you ask? It’s a place to get your girly on! In the last few months I have designed and organized several of these rooms. Women area uncrowding their closets and setting... Read more »

Drawer Organization; Don't Stuff Them

Drawers are a beautiful and wonderful storage solution, if used properly. If they are stuffed full then they aren’t serving the purpose. Don’t use them as a “clear off the counter or dresser” solution. With any other organizing project, you want to have like with like in your drawers. Don’t put too many categories in... Read more »

Passwords; Options to Organize Them

Wow. These days everything requires a password. For awhile, I did everything by memory. That soon failed. So I typed up all my passwords in apha order and felt pretty good about it. That was until last night. I took an organizing class(always trying to keep up with the latest) and was amazed at the... Read more »