Life Transitions; Letting go of the past, making room for the future

Whether its career or hobby related, life is always transforming. At times we find ourselves cluttered with a bunch of stuff from our past. Stuff that used to define us. Stuff that used to be a part of our daily lives.

Now its sitting in boxes in a corner or cluttering up various areas of our home. It's a daily reminder of the good, the bad, and the past. It stares us in the face and won't let us forget.

Do you need it? Can you use it? Why are you keeping it?

I always use myself as an example when these situations come up!  I was a sales executive in my former career. Yes, I spent 13 years in transportation sales. In those years, I had  collected a lot of t-shirts from work, not to mention sales materials, and work clothes.

Yes, my closet was overflowing with suits. Shirts and scarves to match. Not to mention shoes. I had the full corporate wardrobe.

When I made the transition into organizing vs sales, I did a clean out of my own place. The first thing that went was the sales material. Three huge trash bags of it. Then, I hit the closet. I took all those suits(except one) to the consignment store. I gave most of the scarves to a friend for her daughter. The shoes were practical and functional so I kept them.

Did I think about the money I spent on all those clothes? Yes, I did. At the time it was part of my life. Since my life had changed, these items were no longered needed. I was able to re-coop a little money by consigning my clothes.

Now, my closet is full of  Old Navy clearance rack clothing- black t shirts and cargo pants. My new "career" wardrobe. My office is full of organizing material vs sales material.

Treasure the memories! Be realistic about why you are saving things. Did it make you feel important? Will you use them again?

Love and Let Go!! Open the door for the future!!

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