Kids and Organizing; It's not impossible

It a moment of exhaustion, I sat down on my niece's bed. Those two precious gals wore me out over the Thanksgiving holiday. As my eyes wandered around their room, I saw clutter. It was mainly dress up stuff. Yes, we played princess dress up for three days straight.

The organizer in me kicked in. I asked my niece if she knew what I did for a living. She immediately responded, "You clean people up!" Yeah, you can call it that.

I then asked her if she wanted me to help her organize her princess jewelry. She was so excited. The little one (3.5 years old) even joined in the fun.

My sister had already purchased organizing containers. We just needed to weed out the broken and do some categorizing. We started off the "game" by sorting things in categories. Both girls had alot of fun with this. I then designated a place for the different categories such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Summer, the little one picked out all the broken pieces and then tossed them. Annabelle, organized all her necklaces in a jewelry hanger. She was really proud of herself. I focused on organizing the rings and bracelets.

A short 30 minutes later, the project was done. Both gals were so happy.

So how should you organize your kids?

1. Make it a game

2. Break it down into categories

3. Do one small project at a time

4. Ask their opinions

5. Give them lots of praise

Tackle one project at a time with your kids. If you make it fun, they are more likely to work on other projects with you!!


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