How To Survive Holiday Season; Manage You Time and Keep Your Sanity

I just recieved my fourth holiday invitation. The holiday season is getting underway. The calendar is getting full and my head is already starting to spin.

Whats a should any social diva do? Put on your project manager hat and manage your time.

1. Put it on the calendar! Make sure all your social obligations are accounted for in your schedule.

2. Notate what you need to do for each event- bringing a bottle of wine, baking, or a white elephant gift!

3. Keep an updated list for holiday cards. Who do you need to send a little cheer to? Send out a few cards each day!

4. Get that gift list going! This organizer starts shopping early. I buy a few things each week.

5. Schedule a block of time to put up your holiday decor!

6. If your are hosting your own party, create a "party prep" list to make sure that everything gets done.

And most importantly, remember that holidays are all about family and friends. Enjoy!!!

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