Drawer Organization; Don't Stuff Them

Drawers are a beautiful and wonderful storage solution, if used properly. If they are stuffed full then they aren't serving the purpose. Don't use them as a "clear off the counter or dresser" solution.

With any other organizing project, you want to have like with like in your drawers. Don't put too many categories in your drawers. Your items need to be visible and easy to locate.

Lets start out with the bedroom dresser drawers:

1. Underwear drawer

2.Sock drawer- use a divider to divide this drawer. regular socks on one side, athletic socks on the other.

3. Pajamas-lounge wear

4. Work out clothes

If you have a large dresser and more space, consider having folded t shirts in a drawer, jewelry, or even extra sheets.

Kitchen Drawers:

1. Utensil drawers (hopefully you have two of them)-one for prep and one for baking

2. Dish towels and oven mitts

3. Plastic wrap and bags

4. Small Appliances

5. Silverware

Bathroom drawers:

Most of the bathrooms I see have an average of three drawers(unless they are larger) The top drawer should contain your daily use items. The next drawer make up and the third drawer hair accessories and products.

And with built ins being all the rage, drawers are now being located in the dining and the living room at well.

In your dining room use your drawer storage for entertaining items such as napkins, candles, and placemats. All items that relate to entertaining.

If you have built ins in your living room, use the space for movies, video game accessories, and music.

Keep it Simple Folks!

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