Don't Pencil Me In! Firm up your appointments!

Tenative appointments hurt us in so many ways. From a financial to a time management perspective. I am sure that every business person shudders when they hear the words "pencil me in".

So why do people keep asking to be penciled in our books?

1. They aren't really sure if they want to begin the service.

2. They waiting to see if something better comes up.

3. They have poor time management skills.

4. They don't take into consideration that this is how you make your living.

5. They aren't sure they can afford it.

As you can imagine, this comes up a lot in my business. I have had people schedule and cancel due to a multitude of reasons. Sometimes they have decided to work with someone else. Other times they look at their check book. The reason vary quite a bit.

When this comes up in your business, take a gentle approach. Let the potential client know that you would love to service them but this is also how you make your living. Respect goes both ways.

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