What To Do When A Kink In Technology Makes You Lose Productivity

I came home exhausted last night. I had just four quick items on the to do list, then I was going to watch the finale of project runway. Sounds simple enough. Little did I know, ATT installed a new box and shut off my phone! No landline, no internet, no work!!

Att was very responsive and did have a tech come out within the hour. He proclaimed that the issue was due to the new box! Dam them and their new box. He told me that someone would be out in the morning to fix the problem.

Not a good way to start an evening for someone who thrives(has an obsession) on being productive. Instead of wallowing, it was time to kick in plan B. Since I work out of my home, there was plenty to do.

Instead of getting my billing, and other misc done, I did laundry. I also dusted, cleaned  the bathroom, and mopped the floor. While these items were low on the totem pole, as least they got done.

It's important to prioritize your time. I put the aspects of my business first because it pays by bills. The laundry can wait a day but proposals and marketing can't! The early bird gets the worm.

When the Att guy pulled up this morning, I greated him in my jammies(ran out the door). I told him my issue and he was very understanding. He had my phone turned back on very quickly(within an 2 hours) and all was right in the world again.

When you run into a snag with your technology, kick in your plan b. Don't wallow and wait! Get some things done!

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