What Not to Say to A Chick That is Car Shopping

The Erin-mobile has done me well. Twelve years and 156,700 miles later, it was time for a trade in. In preparation for this day, I have been saving money. I have painted my own nails, done botox through deal sites, and cut a hell of a lot of coupons.

After I discovered that the Erin-mobile was burning up alot of extra oil, I knew it was time to start shopping. Being Larry's(car shopper extraordinaire) daughter, I first sat down to pull the numbers. I knew what my car was worth from the blue book. I also pulled the values of the cars that I was in the market to purchase. Slam dunk, right?

Little did I know that I picked a pretty darn popular car, the Rav4. I have always driven toyotas and had very good luck with them. Being a Taurus, I don't like change. It's just who I am.

Being price conscience and practical, I decided to look for a used Rav4. I can't justify to have a brand new car to haul people's stuff. My car is mainly used for work(think massive bags of donations).

Being a women car shopper is not something that I would wish on anyone. I was treated like a total dumb dumb. I am still amazed by some of the things that were said to me.   Somehow, I managed to keep my cool and not drop any F-bombs. I followed the southern mentality of "killing them with kindness."  The following are some of my favorites:

1. If we give you $500 for your car that would be a gift(bluebook says 2300-idiot)!

2. Why are you calling me on my day off ( you gave me your cell number and told me to call anytime)!

3. If you want a used car go down the street and let them deal with you(where's the love, dude?)!

4. We can't find the key to the car but would like to you to at least see it before you sign the papers (who buys a car without test driving it).

5. If you buy this car right now I will buy you dinner. (This one pissed me off. Yes, I am a curvy gal but I am not motivated to drop almost $20,000 of my hard earned money in exchange for a Jimmy Johns sandwhich.)

6. So the car is in recall status- no one has died over it(Yes, dude you obviously really care about your clients safety.  I found the recall, the dealership didn't tell me about it).

7. I spent alot of time with you. You have to buy from me(No, you kept leaving me and wasted alot of my time).

Three dealerships, seven salesmen later, I finally have a car! For someone who specializes in time management, this was such a waste of me time! I am glad this process is over.

I hope this car lasts 12 years as well!

Next up redoing the website!!



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