The Single Gal and Clutter: A Lifestyle

I am a singleton. Not by choice but by circumstances. I have a good income and don't have to answer to anyone except two crazy cats that feel like breakfast should be served every morning at 6 am.

As I sat in a ultra boring date last friday night( did I really need to spend two hours listening to stories about your pyscho ex-not), I felt I deserved a treat. How many times have we all felt that way? How many of us use the reward system? I have quite a few times in the past.

Post college, when I lived in Dallas, my friends and I shopped every Saturday morning. We had to look good for Saturday night. In the south, you don't go out wearing jeans and sweaters-you have to be dolled up.

We have the freedom and the income. So what is another pair of shoes or dress? We can do it. We fill up our lives with stuff. And one day it becomes too much stuff.

I have seen this commonality for years in my family, friends and clients. We buy cause we can or it makes us feel better. Some of us need the quick fix. It gives us that estatic feeling. A few days later, the feeling of love wears off and you are left with the stuff.  A lot of times, the stuff gets shoved into the back of the closet, in the land of the lost clothes.

Months later, we realize that we made a mistake but its too late to return it. So there is hangs and gathers dust.

My advice to you; shop smart! Don't go shopping when you are sad, hungry, angry ect....Only buy it if:

1. It's your color, cut style and fits you now

2. You need it or it will work with your wardrobe

3. You have room for it

4. It's to replace something you already have

What should you do with all the unwanted impulse, purchases?

1. Get some of your cash back-consign them.

2. Donate the clothes to charity

3. Have a swap party and invite friends to trade clothes/accessories

4. Give them to a friend or family member(only if they want them)

There is nothing wrong with shopping- but know when you have enough! Buy Smart!

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