Paperless: Can you do it??

Eight years ago I started the process of going paperless. I had all my bills transferred online(actually a boyfriend did it for me). Studies show that it saves an average of $80 to $100 per year if you pay your bills online. That is all I needed to know.

Then I went even further, I got my investment statements and bank statements online. That really cut down the mail. We are talking three bank accounts and three investment accounts. It also saved a lot of paper and not to mention shredding time.

It was a big switch but this stubborn Taurus got used to it very quickly. I have learned to do as much as I can online and in a paperless fashion.

I tell people that I am as paperless as I can be. Being a very visual person, I still need some paper that I can get my hands on. I have reduced all my paper to two small file boxes- one for work and one for personal.  I also have an archive box for my mortgage papers and tax papers.

I have found that some things I need in a paper format. When I am writing speeches, its helpful to have all my research material in from of me, vs on a computer.

Keeping lists also helps cut down on the paper. I have many different lists on my computer from business resources to my favorite wines.

Scanning is also a great way to eliminate your paper. They are many different programs to help you keep you paper on your computer vs in your home or office.

Find your comfort level! Limit your paper!

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