More Containers, More Organized, Not Necessarily

I agree that it's better to contain things. It saves room, time, and protects your items.  Binning or containing your items call also be an enabler. I have walked into homes where everything is perfectly binned and contained.

My question to you is "Do you need it"?

I remember one of my very first clients. She had "bin" love. After two days of sorting, labeling, and purging; we ended up with about 15 empty containers and one happy client.

Sometimes it's easier  just put it away without ever thinking about if you really need or want it!

The best way to handle this is to go through your bins/containers. Take one at a time. Put like with like and label them. Have a staging area where you can put items that you want to sell, donate, or trash.

Categories of items to keep include:

1. Holiday Decorations

2. Entertaining Items

3. Memory Items

4. Pictures

5. Family Memory

6. Off Season Clothes

7. Clothes for kids to grow into

8. Sports or Activity Items

So restrain before you contain!!

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