Industrial Clutter; Organizing your Workshop

Times sure have changed. Back in our grandfather's day, everyone had a little basement workshop. That was when money was tight and the men did all their own repairs. I love to explore these spaces. It reminds me of my papa's workshop and all the hours I spent tooling around in it.

These spaces are often filled with alot of random pieces and parts. Items that were bought and never used, left over parts of projects, and lets not forget the boxes of industrial nails. Do you really need a box of industrial nails?

Time and time again, when a home is sold, industrial clutter is left in the workshop. It's passed down from family to family. All while sitting and gathering dust.

With everyone going "green", there are plenty of places that will take your leftover industrial items.

1. Old Paint Cans-Take these to a chemical recycling center. Non toxic paint you can dispose of by simply putting cat litter in the can and drying out the paint.

2. Misc metal pieces, piping ect...Just curb them. Dumpster divers will thank you!

3. All those boxes of nails and screws- Ask your handyman if he wants them.

4. Misc pieces such as tile, wall paper, ect. Habitat for humanity takes donations. There are even some warehouses that have cropped up that specialize in reselling misc pieces or parts.

Clear out your workshop so it will be functional for you! If you choose not to use it as a workshop, then it could also be made into a nice craft station.

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