Home Based Business Week; Why I Loving Working Out of My Home!

It's National Home Based Business Week. I have worked out of my house for the last twelve years. I love it and can't imagine any other way of life. For the first six years of running my business, I lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment. My living room, dining room, and office were all one space.

I found it really hard to end the work day. The computer was always right there in front of me.

Two years ago I upgraded to a two bedroom condo. Now, I have a separate office and a laundry room to boot! The commute is short. I don't have to stand in line for coffee or tea. At the end of the day, I can close the door and be done!

Here are a few reasons why I love working out of my house:

1. I am so much more productive. I don't have the normal distractions of being in an office or cube environment.  I generally don't make personal phone calls during the day with the exception of quick emails.

2. My dry cleaning bill is nearly nothing. Yup, I work in my jammies. My poor neighbors. They have all seen me running out the the trash or to get the paper.

3. I eat more healthy because I have more time to cook. I also cook in bulk.

4. I get more done around the house. I can do laundry while I am working during the day.

5. I can take a call after hours. If they phone rings at night and I am available, I answer it. This saves time from having to play phone tag with a potential client the next day.

6. I can work late if needed and not worry about a long drive home.

7. I can shop at off hours and avoid all the crazy crowds.

The only downside to this is when the cat decides to scream when I am on a conference call. This only happens when my lunch looks good to him. Several times I have just handed him my plate and continued the call without missing a beat!

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