Gadgets Galore; Are They Taking Over Your Home?

Several years ago it was the bread maker. Yes, everyone had to have one. Then it was the fancy once cup coffee makers, and now the soda machine is the must have item.

Retailers help the craziness by putting "impulse" items by the check out stand. TJMAXX and Bed Bath and Beyond are so guilty of this. And yes, I stop to look everytime. Confess, you do it too!

When the thrill wears off, these gadgets end up in file 13- the attic, basement, or all over the place. Alot of them are termed "misc" and never find a specific home. Its hard to release them because of the guilt.

There will always be new gadgets coming out to the market. Its how people survive and retailers make money. Before you lay down the credit card, ask yourself:

1. Can this replace or upgrade something I already have?

2. Do really need or love it?

3. Do I have space for it?

I have seen many people buy things because they thing they are cool. I have seen some kitchens in which people don't cook that have gadgets galore! This creates clutter.

Learn to admire those gadgets in the store! Don't bring them all home!!


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