Bargain Clutter; When saving money is cluttering up your space

Since the recession started, everyone is looking for a bargain. Yes, I am on that band wagon as well. Grocery and gas prices have risen and not our paychecks. There are several tv shows such as extreme couponing which explore the lives of extreme bargain hunters.

People are even setting up their very own "arsenals" or bargain areas. I have seen whole rooms dedicated to the cause of bargains.

I, too have set up space for my bargains and stuff. I have one large cabinet in my kitchen dedicated to food storage. I keep it pretty full. Since I cook alot, I always have my basics like pasta on hand. 

In my laundry room, I have shelves in which I stock up on extra swiffer(lots of shedding in my place), laundry items, and cat food. My linen closet also has a few extra baskets for misc items.

I also use my storage in my basement for overflow. I keep quite the stash of cat litter and my dr pepper. I have two shelf spaces which are empty and able to use for storage.

These spaces comfortably fit my overflow items. They don't take away from the things I need daily, and aren't overcrowded. Everything is organized and visible. I am able to see what I have and what I need.

Bargain shopping is great! It saves time and money! The keys are:

1. Organize like with like

2. Don't overbuy on things that are perishable

3. Look at what you have before you make a grocery list

In closing, one of my favorite sites for deals is the Krazy Coupon Lady. Getting saving and organized!

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