Travel Items; Do you really need them and where should you store them?

I will never understand the obsession with having to store one's luggage in their closet. The closet is prime real estate and our Chicago homes just aren't that generous with the space( I still dream of my closet in Dallas).

Unless you travel every week, remove those big bags from your closet. Free up the space for something that you need or use more often. I store my luggage in my storage unit.  It's two minutes away!  If you don't have a storage unit in your building, consider moving your luggage to a guest room closet. If you have a single family home, under the stairs storage or the basement is perfect for luggage. Also nest your luggage! That is right, put one inside of the other. And while you are doing that, evaluate what luggage you really need or use! We all have serious bag love!

And lets not forget about those travel supplies. I have one travel purse and an inside the clothes money holder. That is all the speciality travel items that I have. I don't feel the need to purchase any other special supplies. Why, your make up and toiletries have to be in a plastic bag if you fly, so let go some of your costmetic bags!

If you need a bunch of travel supplies, bin them up. Store them near your luggage so you won't forget to use them!

Happy travels!


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