Closet Control: Getting your clothes and style under control

Clothes! Clothes! Clothes! How we love to look good! When I grew up on Texarkana, I only had a half full closet. I guess that was due to the fact that there were only three stores to shop. Living in Chicago, one of the best places to shop in the country, it's a different story.

Whether you are a traditional Michigan ave fan, or go off the beaten path to southport or bucktown, your clothing is important to you. Part of looking good is being able to put a great look together. In order to mix and match your duds, you need to know what you have and where to find them.

So lets talk closet organization. There is a method to the madness.

1. Pull all your clothes out of the closet! Lay them on your bed or floor(on top of a blanket or sheet).

2. Evaluate your hanging space. One one to cut down the clutter is to fold your jeans and tank tops.

3. Start with your long hang. Put those dresses back in the closet. Long sleeve, short sleeve, then sleeveless.


4. Next up pants and skirts. If you have two separate areas, lucky you!  If not, put them in one area.

5. Shirts are next on our agenda. Start with your long sleeve ones. Then short sleeve shirts to sleeveless ones. Depending on your space, they could all be in one section or split apart.

6. Last but not least, those cute little jackets that we all love to wear. This category also includes sweater jackets that can be hung.

Other misc things in our closet:

1. Belts- hang hooks on the wall or get a belt hook

2. Purses- put them on a top shelf and line them up. Or if they are small in size, put them in a basket.

3. Necklaces- Hang hooks on the wall for them.

4. Bracelets or Earrings, consider a pocketed jewelry holder that hangs in your closet.

5. Exercise clothing should be folded and put on a shelf if possible; or placed in your dresser.

The moral of the story is to make your closet a pretty and organized space. A place where you can see what you have and work with your clothes!


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