Would you want to be friends with an organizer? How my dream job has affected my friendships!

I have always been an organized freak. Its who I am. Its how I function and choose to live my life.  I call it the Kessler curse and have inherited this trait from my grandma. It's in my blood.

This is my lifestyle and how I choose to live. I am non judgemental and don't impose my views on others. If and when my friends, ask my opinion, I am happy to give them advice.  Still with all this being said, it weirds people out.

When I was moving into my condo, my cat escaped. He made a be-line for the neighbors place upstairs. Within moments, I heard her screaming. Don't come in! I don't want you to see my place. Call your cat out. Well honey, cats aren't like dogs. They come when they want to; not on command. And so my precious little fur ball, made himself at home on her couch. I finally requested entry(like a person getting on a boat), and retrived my crazy little feline.

The guy I dated last year, didn't want me to see his place either. We would sit outside and eat dinner. One day we were making wine in his garage (with his cousins). He didn't want me to go inside to use the bathroom. I was ready to drop trough in the middle of the yard! Again, his living style was totally different that mine, but no judgements from me. His cousins got a good laugh when I went inside and wondered if I would experience heart failure.

And then there was a good friend of my that got got engaged. I was beyond happy for her. I wanted to cook a nice meal and have her and her intended over for dinner. She could never make the time. She also told me about the house he owned. I was so excited. I envisioned helping her move in, paint, decorate, ect.. The day after they wedding, they were having a cook out in the yard. She must have told me 10 ten times but forgot to give me the address. It was obvious she didn't want me there. I decided to let it go and booked a job that day. I felt like a bad friend but what could I do.

Yes, I organize for a living. I don't carry it over in my personal life. When I am social, I am social. I take off the organizer hat at the door.


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