What's in your closet? It should all be your "A" game or be gone!

A very wise stylist once told me that everything that is in your closet should be your "A" game. It should fit you, be the right color, and make you happy. All other clothes should be banished!

We all have what I like to term as "pms" purchases. Things we buy that:

1. I will lose weight and this will fit

2. Its not my usual style but I like it

3. It was on sale and such a good deal

4. I might be able to use it one day

These items tend to either be worn once, or left in the closet with tags on them.  They definately aren't in the "A" game category. We kinda like them and feel guilty that we bought them. We can't get rid of them because it would be a waste of money.

Let me tell you, its a waste of space sitting in your closet. They take up much needed space(most of use have small city closets that suck!!). When we look at them, we feel guilty.

So what to do!! Donate, consign, or give to a friend. This also goes for clothes that don't fit you properly.

If you are in between sizes, bin of your clothes that don't work for you. Its easier to get dressed and put an outfit together when you don't have to search for what actually works for you!


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