The Home Office; Overstocked and Over Systemized! A three step process to help you get it organized.

The home office; the command center of your home. If it doesn't function properly, then your home won't run like a well oiled machine. Bills don't get paid, paper multiplies, and checks don't get cashed.

When I work on home offices, I often find two main issues;

1. Oversystemized- Too many containers, filing systems, drawers to put stuff in ect...Its enough to make this organizers head spin.

2. Overstocked-You know, the office supplies that they sell in bulk at the Office Max are for office use not home office. What do you really need and use?

So how do you straighten out this room of craziness and clutter? One step at a time.

STEP ONE: The paper monster. Create a filing system. If you are a W2 employee you don't need to be saving all that paper. Your filing system should have year current items in them.  Any older taxes, medical bills, mortgage papers should be removed and put in an archive box. You can store this in a basement, attic, or closet. Just make sure that you label it by year. Also create action item files. These are files for actions that need to be taken such as bill payment, to do, social ect.

STEP 2: De-systemize your space. You only need one file cabinet for your papers. You don't need to create a new file system each year! Just purge it! Get rid of all those misc containers. Only keep what you have a clear defined use for. Magazine holders, should hold magazines and be labeled.

STEP 3: Go through your office supplies. What do you really need and use? Be strong, most of use don't use 70 to 80% of the supplies we have. If you can't see or find them, you will buy more. Put like with like. Limit the space that you have for them. I have only two desk drawers that I utilize for supplies. That is it!

Make your office fun and functional! Get rid of the excess!


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