No Space for the Newlyweds; gift management

I organize a lot of newly married couples. One of the rooms they have the most challenges with is the kitchen. Yes, they got sucked in. I can see it now. They go to register for their wedding and get a little crazy. Why everyone needs an artichoke plate!!

So the wedding is over, the gifts are all opened and you have an overload of stuff. A lot of couples start out in an apartment or a small condo. These small condos are apartments also have small kitchens and most of the time don't include a pantry.

The overflow of kitchen item either get shoved into a cabinet or banished to another area of the place (or in a parents basement).

The reasoning behind this mass accumulation tends to come from the fact that one day they are gonna have the house to fit all those appliances. They also have dreams of throwing parties and need just the right stuff. I have also heard the excuse that is you have the right kitchen stuff, it will turn you into a good cook. I have to disagree on that one. Unless your grandma or momma started you off in the kitchen, you are already behind the 8 ball!

I have also cleared out many basements that house unused wedding gifts. My parents still have a brandy set they got for their wedding 40 years ago. Its never been used!!

Don't be afraid, if you don't get something for your wedding, you can go out and buy it.

Think practical when you register. Evaluate what you have before you team up with that over excited  bridal clerk.

What is your lifestyle? How much do you entertain? What do you already have in your kitchen?

Think about it!!

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