Moving in with the Parents; When kids come home to caregive

I am starting to see a trend in caregiving. I have been called to assist in alot of home combining in which the adult kids are moving home to take care of their parents. I know it can be a heartbreaking choice to have to put a parent in a home. My family put my grandmother (96 years old) in one this year and our hearts have been broken ever since(she is lovin it).

So let the home combining begin! If the parent is still living in the childhood home, the kids(single or with spouse or partner) move back in the fold. Room has to be made to accomodate two families. Often the kids and parents have different needs for space.

Before the moving truck pulls up, take some time and purge the home. Go through closets, attics basements ect. Decide what type of space you need for yourself. Obviously a bedrom and a bathroom are essential.  Depending on your work situation, an office may also need to be set up.

Be realistic about what you can bring with you. You don't want to upset your parent by making two many changes in the home.

Here are a few helpful tips to make a smooth transition:

1. Prepare to bring in furniture for your space

2. Ask your parent what they feel comfortable with purging ect

3. Bring in a little at a time not to overwhelm them

4. Get rid of things that are not useable or taking up much needed space.

5. Box up items that you want to keep but don't have a need for at the moment

The other day, I helped a client start to combine her home. We worked on the kitchen area. We were able to combine her stuff with her mothers. We also donated 5 boxes of duplicates and things that weren't needed.

So unless you are moving from out of state, take your time with the process. Everyone will feel much better getting used to the changes in their space!!

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