Do you know your organizing style?

When you choose to make organizational changes in your life, it's important that you know your style. Having the right systems in place, makes all the difference in the world. You need a system that you like and will feel comfortable maintaining on a daily basis.

Many times when I start the organizational process with clients, they have either over systemized or have tried many different things that haven't worked.

So what is your organizational style??

1. Are you extremely visual? If so, you are like me. I need to have everything categorized, labeled and where I can see it. I need to be able to look in my pantry and closet and see what I have. I don't like the search.

2. Are you non visual? If so, you don't mind having things in baskets and don't need to see them. You are comfortable pulling a basket off the shelf and looking for items in it.

Tips for visual organizing:

1. Categorize things

2. Label shelfs or bins so you know what is in them (clear storage is the best)

3. Make your organization attractive to the eye. You should be able to scan your closet or cabinets and be able to locate things without the search.

Nonvisual organizing requires more memory and thought. It works for some people. They don't mind having multiple categories in one place. It may take a little longer to find something but they are okay with it.

Moral of the story--organize how you think! Love the systems you choose for yourself.

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