Book Shelves; Functional or Appealing

My least favorite type of organizing is book organizing. Yes its true, there is one aspect of organzing that I am not in love with. That being said, I organized three library rooms in the last month! By the end of the day my eyes were bugging out!

When organizing your books, you need to thing of a couple of different things.

1. Do you refer to them and need to locate them?

2. Is it important how your book shelves look?

3. How much space do you want to dedicate to your collection?

Five years ago, I decided to get rid of my books. It was a combination of  reasons.  For one , I have allergies and paper attracts dust. I also decided to utilize the wonderful libary system that we have in Chicago.

If you want your bookshelves to be functional vs storage:

1. Sort by category or author

2. Make sure everything is visible

3. If you need to double row, make sure you know what is in the back row

As for organizing kids books, I would not spend alot of time on this project. I have organized many kids rooms and have yet to see a child keep it up. If you children are a little older, then I would make sure that to keep the series together. Otherwise, I would just line them up on the shelves.

Happy Reading!!



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