Backsliding; When you don't stay organized

I consider organizing a form of artwork. I love to turn something that is crazy and chaos filled into an organized and amazing space. I love to make people smile and see some of them do the "happy" dance. When I first started organizing, it broke my heart to come back and see "backsliding" or a destroyed system.  Eight years later, I am used to it.

So even after hiring a pro, or doing it yourself, why does this happen?

1. You don't like the system. You picked out a system but were never 100% into it.  Its important to make sure you feel excited about your new system or solution. Don't choose it just because it works. For some people its a visual thing. If you are a visual person, spend the extra money to make it pretty!!

2. You aren't doing daily maintenance. Everyday you need to spend a little time to keep up your systems.

3. Your just not ready to make changes. Every once in awhile, I run into someone that just isn't ready to change. It could be a multitude of reasons. They either backslide or "sabotage" the system. Sometimes is fear of change. 

4. You did too much too soon. Don't try to fix your home or office all at once. One project at a time. You need to retrain your brain to adapt to the new "systems".  Make changes habits not tasks. Tasks require more memory.

So the moral of the story is--take it slow and get used to your new systems. Rome wasn't built in a day!!

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