At War with the 10x12 Bedroom

I get a multitude of calls about the 10x 12 bedroom. Help! What can I do. It's over crowded! Hey people, its small. Even with an organizers or decorators creativity, it's limited. Accept it and move on!! Be at peace with your space.

Most of the time, these tiny rooms are used as kids rooms. Yes, the youngest child always gets lucky. Sometimes I have seem these rooms as shared space.

So what can these space challenged rooms contain?? Here is what works:

1. Place a twin bed against one wall. Bunk beds or a loft bed with storage underneath is great for creating more space. Under the bed bins are also great for creating storage for twin beds. You can store toys, artwork, or off season clothes. If you do a loft bed, put the child's desk underneath.

2. A high boy dresser. Normally there is a tiny wall space to accomodate a dresser. This should contain underclothes, socks, pajamas, and other foldable clothes.

3. A bookcase. This could be used for books or knick knacks.

4. One tiny closet. If two kids are sharing the room, consider making it a double hang. On one job I put a book case in the closet because the child needed more space for foldable clothes then hanging clothes(a dresser would have worked as well but we had an extra bookcase).

5. If there is any extra wall space, consider installing shelves for trophies, art, ect..

6. Remove all items from the room that aren't necessary. If you have a play room or area, store all toys there vs the bedroom.

7. Purge after each season and make sure that all clothing is current.

Embrace your space!

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