Assisted Living and Hoarding; Keeping a Small Space Organized

I have been getting alot of calls from Assisted Living Centers requesting speeches. They are concerned about the clutter and having challenges dealing with their clients.

The best way to handle it, is stop it before it starts. If your facility is one on which clients bring in their own furniture, be realistic about what they can bring. If you walk through their old place and see surface area clutter--take note!

Excessive clutter is dangerous especially when someone is elderly. Extra paper is a fire or slipping hazard. Too much furniture inhibits movement and functionality. You won't be able to change a persons long time habits, but you can help the situation by starting things off on the right foot. I have seem too many cases in which the resident is allowed to bring alot of items and them the staff expects they to get rid of things.

Limit the incoming!


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