KISS--Keep It Simple Stupid

Years ago, my dad told me this phrase. I also heard it in sales training. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. We all have the bad habit of making our lives harder or adding too much to our plate. I am guilty as well.

So how did you change your ways? Here are some tips to help you save time and keep your life simple:

1. Always have a to do list--unclutter your mind and put it on paper

2. Put your hand down! Don't volunteer for realistic about what you have time for in your life.

3. Set your clothes out the night beforehand

4. Pick items off your to do list that you want to accomplish each day

5. Don't add new large projects until you finish a few of them!!

6. Do daily through the mail ect..

So think about it. What can you do to make your life more simple!  Take it one step at a time!


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  • This is a great list!

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