Always Be Aware; Don't let yourself be a victim

I have been going into strangers homes for 8 years to organize them. My friends worry about it more than I do. I have never had a problem or been fearful till last week.

I had a potential client email to schedule a consultation. We scheduled the time but she didn't give me her address. I thought this was strange and should have taken this as a red flag. I emailed her again and she told me that she didn't want to give me her address over email. Again a sign. Two days later she emailed me her address. I wasn't familiar with the area but knew it was just past Hyde Park.

When I arrived at her building, I found about 10 men sitting on the stoop next door smoking pot. When I drove up they started making remarks. I called her on my cell phone to have her come out and get me. She would not come out and told me that her sister would meet me inside the building. At this point I should have driven off..screw being professional!!

I went inside and started the consultation. It turned out she wasn't going to hire anyone; but just wanted advice. I did the best I could in trying to give her advice. The place was maxed out and there was very minimal that could be done. She and her sister didn't seem happy with this news.

On my way out, I noticed one of the men trying to break into my car. Dude do you really think at 11 year old toyota is worth gold? Or was it that pink umbrella that you desired?

I hid behind the door until he left my car alone. I noticed that he left a bag of candy on the hood. WTF!!

I knew it was pointless to ask the client if she would walk me to my car. She admitted the neighborhood was really bad. And yet, she felt no bones about having put my safety at risk. Shame on you lady!!

I put my box cutter in one pocket, my phone in the other, and turned on my garmin. I swiftly walked out the building and got into my car. The men started yelling at me that a little girl (about 2 years old) left her candy on my hood. Would I please bring it back over to them?

Honestly, do you think anyone would be that stupid. Why in the hell would I walk over to a house where 10 men are doing drugs to return a bag of candy. I can only imagine what might have happened to me.

I drove off and let that bag of candy fly!

In hindsight, I should have never gone on the consultation to begin. If I would have googled the womens address, I would have found out that she was in foreclosure and it wasn't a true potential. It has taken all my strength not to call her and tell her what I think.

I know I had an angel on my shoulder that day! I am very thankful nothing happened to me. I am an ultra careful person and feel I did the right thing to get myself out of the situation.

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