To Have Or Not To Have; The Junk Drawer

Do you know why your junk drawer is full? Its because you never use half of the stuff you have in it!  When organizing kitchens, I always find that one drawer. Yesterday I found two of them filled to the rim! About 80% of the contents belonged in other places or were not needed in the home.

I have what I  term as a miscellaneous drawer. It comprises kitchen items that don't have a specific category. In this drawer, I have a jar opener, parmesean grater, and a lemon press. I also have one pen and pad of paper for phone messages.

My extra keys are hanging on a hook in the laundry room. My office supplies are in my office. The tools are in the tool box.

If your kitchen is also a combo room--having several different uses, then you might need a drawer that is defined for those needs. I have several clients that work at their kitchen table and have an office supply drawer. I also have created craft cabinets or drawers for families that do crafting at their kitchen table.

If you do choose to have a miscellaneous drawer:

1.Don't use a small deep drawer

2. Do use a shallow drawer with dividers

3. Categorize your items

4. Divide don't stack your items

So think twice about having a junk drawer. Define your space!!

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