The Best Piece of Time Management Advice I Have Been Given

I have read a multitude of time management books. The best piece of advice I have actually been given was from my brother in law. Yes this nice quiet boy  that chose to join the crazy Kelly clan.

One day he simply asked "Why do all the Kelly women feel the need to run all their errands on Saturday?"  Saturday should be a day for fun or rest. Why can't y0u do a few things each day?

I took this to heart. This new member of the family could see our family trends. Yes, the only thing we did during the week was groceries. All the other errands like dry cleaning, target, and shopping were done on Saturday. I can remember leaving the house at eight in  the morning and not getting home till two or three in the afternoon..all errands accomplished.

Yes, this one little piece of advice changed my life. Now I do a few small errands each day; on the way to work or on the way home.  I am amazed and happy with my free time on the weekend. Just one small adjustment in my life has made a big difference.

Before I go to bed each night, I choose what errands I am going to do the next day. It all depends on my work schedule. I try to keep my life simple and tackle only one major project at a time. While the "to do" list is always growing, I am taking a few items off it each day!!

So think about it. What is the best way to spend your time?


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