Purging; Its not about getting rid of all your stuff but defining your life and what you need

Most people have delusional thoughts that purging means getting rid of everything they own and becoming a minimalist. Not so says the organizer!!

Purging is about defining your life and deciding what you need in it! Everyone decides to declutter for a different reason. Sometimes it can be a major life transition that triggers the change. Other times its a move or bringing a partner into your space.

So take a close look at your life. What are your needs? Hobbies? What makes you happy? As time goes by we all grow and change. Our livestyles and interests change and evolve.

Time after time I find closets stuffed with things of days past! Its okay to try things out and then decide they don't fit. Move forward and let someone else enjoy those items. Donate, sell, or freecycle it!

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