Good packing makes all the difference in your move! Pack it right!!

In the last month  I have worked on five different moves. Proper packing makes all the difference. I have seen the good and I have seen the bad. As with organizing, you want to pack like with like.

I worked on a huge move two weeks ago in which every thing was thrown in boxes. There was no rhyme or reason to how things were placed in boxes. Everytime we pulled something out it was a suprise.  Because of the mish mash packing, it broke down the effiency of the job. We ended up putting like with like and then trying to find a home for it. Things were handled multiple times and in the organizing world, that is a huge dislike.  After 8 hours we only got two rooms done. The boxes were removed but piles still remained.

Last week I worked on another move in which the clients followed my directions to a "t". The boxes were all packed like with like and color coded. When the movers delivered the boxes, everything was put in the proper room. Six hours later, most of the place was unpacked. Since we knew what was in each box, we were able to open it up and put things away! It was great!

Another job I am presently assisting on is a local move. The clients are moving a few streets away. For this type of job, we are bagging most of the non breakable stuff by category. After each session, they take care loads home and put it away. Again, we keep like with like.

When starting to unpack, take one room at a time. Finish it before moving onto the next one.  It will make you feel better to have some space that is completely set up.

Two years ago I made a move myself. When I started the condo shopping process, I started packing. I am sure the people in the produce department loved my early morning "box hunt" visits. I set a goal for myself of 4 boxes per day. I started with the things that I used the least. My grandmother's china was the first thing to get packed. The books and perfume bottle collection also made the list as well.

And the answer to your question is yes! I did live for three months with a wall of boxes. It drove this organizer crazy but it was well worth it in the end.

Here are my top tips for packing:

1. Pack like with like

2. Color code your boxes

3. Start packing early

4. Purge while you pack


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