Bag It, an Oscar worthy film in my opinion

Yesterday I watched the documentary called Bag It. Jeb Berrier doesn an amazing job of explaining how the environment and peoples health is affected by plastic bags. The movie was not only interesting, but done in laymans terms so anyone could watch it and learn something.

I work in an industry that deals with alot of waste. Whether is plastic bags or misc toy parts, things are always getting tossed out. I am an avid recycler and follow my clients lead as to what to do with their items.  I had one job in which the client had been saving plastic bags for years. She must have had 1000 of them. They don't decompose but get thinner. After years they basically break and you have lots of pieces of plastic ( I had to sweep them up).

Some of the most fascinating facts included:

1. 100 billion plastic bags are used in the US per year

2.500 billion plastic bags are used per year worldwide

3. In 2008 China banned thin plastic bags

4. An average American produces 1 ton of waste per year

5. An average American produces 800 lbs of packaging waste per year

6. Ireland imposed a tax on plastic bags and cut down usuage 90%

So what are you doing to lessen your carbon footprint? Here is what I do:

1. Carry reusable bags in my trunk and use for groceries, shopping, and costco

2. Recycle all electronics(Luv me the Goose Island Recycle Center)

3. Recycle all plastic packaging at my local Target(the plastic the newspaper comes in and even my lettuce wrapper)

4. Recycle all other items in the big blue bins

Unless you change the way you eat or your products, its hard to control the packaging issue. I try to buy as much as I can in bulk. Buying in bulk means buying less containers.

So if you have to "bag it" do so with a resuable bag!!


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    Love that you're committed. ECOBAGS Brand has been talking about this for a long time but it takes a committed, inspirational people like you to spread the word. Thanks!

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