Temporary Move; Scale down your stuff

Today I helped a client move into a temporary place while her home is being renovated. Its very tiny. Despite giving her alot of  of good prep suggestions, its still pretty crowded with stuff. 

A temporary home is just that; temporary. Its main purpose is to provide you with shelter until you can go back to your home. It should only encompass the things you need on a regular basis.

Here are some helpful hints:

* Offseason clothes and coats- pack them

*Offseason shoes and boots-pack them

*Extra coffee mugs, platters, ect- pack them..streamline your kitchen

*Artwork and decor-pack it all up-Do you really want to have to pack and unpack it twice

*Extra sheets and blankets- pack them

Do take only what you need. If you are only living in your new place a short time, be strict with yourself. Be realistic!



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