Mothers Day Gifts; Don't add clutter to the house

Mothers day is coming up. Mama Kelly got a mani and pedi courtesy of her darling daughter. No more candles, picture frames ect..My momma has a pretty full house. After her illness last year, all those wonderful friends of hers filled if up even more.

So before you give your mother another frame(that will end up in the frame bin) or a candle, think practical. What can your mom really use? Give her a treat. Something that she would never give herself.  Is there a new restaurant she would like to try? Is starbucks her thing?

Think about it!!!


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  • Ditto for end-of-year teacher gifts. My mother taught for decades and we had so much crap in the house I have always bought gifts that teachers can either eat or smear on their bodies. In short, something that doesn't sit on a shelf!

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