How would you like to have an organizer as a neighbor??

I remember it like it was yesterday, standing outside my future home just gazing at the building. The condo president walked up to me and I introduced myself. His first words "We take care of this building and keep it clean." I just flashed him my card and said, I think I will fit in. So in mid may 2010 I moved into the Balmoral Courts. A small six flat in Lincoln Square. My new casa!

My neighbor was right, the building was well taken care of and clean. Then I saw the basement and the garage. Lots o crap!! I soon learned that the developers (building was rehabbed and went condo in 2002) left alot of stuff. On my first half day off, I spent 4 hours carrying out stuff from the basement. I flagged down some dumpster divers and they carried out a huge old tv in exchange for piles of metal and some wiring. It was a win win for everyone. The curbs and trash were all filled up with wooden and misc junk. The neighbors were in shock when they came home. Yes Erin the organizer had stuck!!

Its common for the me send emails asking whose misc stuff is sitting around. I have made several trips to the recycling center and a few bags of donations. I even sold several items to help with the clean out. Since the eviction in our building, 98% of the other stuff has been removed. We are well on our way to organization!

While the neighbors are great, sometimes I wonder if they would love to toss out my organizing obssessed crazy self!  There are a few benefits (besides clean outs) on having me in the homestead. I work out of the house and have flex hours. I am able to run errands for the building and meet up with repairmen. I also take on misc projects. I even removed a wall(with the neighbors help) to complete phase one of a potential basement rehab!

So with the garage and basement almost done, they can rest assured! My next project, working on my wine cellar!!

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