Hoarding/Recycling...The Connection

I have been pondering this connection for quite sometime. It seems ironic but most of the hoarders that I have worked with are also obsessed with recycling. I can see the extreme look of guilt in their eyes when things go in the trash. 

So why do you ask are their homes still full? In many instances, the homes are so backlogged with items that need to be recycled. One small trash can won't do it for these homes. I can't tell you how many times I have walked down alleys and distributed recycling among several bins. In one home, I filled up an entire garage with items for recycle.

When I am working in a high rise, I go floor to floor! Nothing like riding an elevator with a bag of recycling. Some of the high rises now have large dumpsters in the garages. How I love working in those buildings.

Not every place has recycling. There are still alot of neighborhoods and buildings that don't recycle. In one of the buildings I worked in, I had to take car loads of recycling to a recycle center.

Another reason for the "build up" is not knowing where to recycle certain items such as paint or electronics. I am a big fan of the goose island recycle center in Chicago. I have made many a trip to their North Branch location.

For those of you that are getting your "green" on, check out the website www.earth911.com/recycling. This site will help you learn to recycle.

So keep it clean and clear!

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