Becoming An Organizer Cured My Type "A" Personality!

As I rolled over this morning at 6 am and answered the phone, I laughed to myself. I look back 8 years before I started on the journey from corporate sales queen to Professional Organizer. Boy how my life has changed.

Once an extreme Type "A" kind of chick, I now have been described as calm, flexible and laid back. My family can't believe the changes in my life. Neither can I.

Starting a business takes alot of the control out of your life. Gone were the 9 to 5 hours and dinners at gibsons( I had one great expense account). The Jones New York suits also have been consigned and sold! Black T shirts and cargo pants are now my daily fashion rage! I am glad my mom lives out of state and can't see what her child looks like!

Everything in my life used to be planned. My weekends were planned by Wednesday. Yes, I know you are thinking I was kinda nutsy. Now, I run out at the last minute for drinks and fun with friends. Sometimes I even choose to enjoy a quiet night at home!

Being a business that makes it money on time, I am at the mercy of my clients schedule. So when the phone is ringing at 6 am, I answer it. My work days start at 8 am (and often in the burbs) during the week and weekends. I get "organizing emergency" calls at all hours and just take them! I have learned to jump and go at a moments notice!

Its been an interesting journey, but I like the new me!!

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