Anatomy of an Eviction

Yesterday the neighbors that live above me were evicted. It was a long time coming and very sad for all. One of my neighbors called me and told me that she saw a strange man in the building who was casing the place out.  It turned out he was waiting for the sheriff to arrive.

We are a very small community and watch out for each other. My neighbor called the unit in question but they didn't answer their phone. I felt like going into maniac bitch mode and banging on his door. I understand that the sheriff  basically walks you out the door. I wanted to help. I envisioned myself going into organizing mode and packing some bags for them. Alas, I chose to mind my own business.

When heading out to a job, I saw the emergency services crew parked down the street. I went over and chatted with them. I asked them to please pull the stuff out the back door and told them how to unlock and prop it open. I was worried about damage to the building( our entry way is tiny) and my neighbors stuff.

Apparently the sheriff gave my neighbor a few minutes to grab a bag full of things. There was approximately a 2 hour time window in which my neighbor had called him to inform of the pending eviction and when the sheriff arrived at his door. He choose not to even pack a bag. Why??

For the next 5 plus hours, a crew of five men proceeded to empty the unit. The city doesn't provide them with packing supplies. Basically they use what you have in your home. I arrived home at the end of this process. The gentlemen were using contractor bags to bag everything. They had utilized my neighbors clothes and towels to cushion dishes, glasses, ect. I heard alot of breakage as they were going down the stairs. Its a good thing that their Waterford was still in the boxes! The men were doing the best they could and clearly felt bad about the situation. I even went down to my storage unit and gave them all my bubble wrap and wrapping paper to help with the process. I spend the rest of the afternoon trying to get some work done and policing the area. We were able to keep the trash pickers away. I did see some women hiding behind a building. Really! Have you no shame!!

If an eviction is inevitable in your life, please pack up your stuff!! Don't let your stubborn pride get in the way! We all work too hard for what we have to let it be carried out in contractor bags and put on the curb. I can only imagine what my neighbors will find when they start sorting through their stuff. The crew also takes apart your furniture. They did indicate that they put all the hardware in one bag.

So if life throws you a curve ball, be prepared. If this is your situation, start collecting boxes and pack it up! Store your valuables at a friends or families home!



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  • The only job the property manager seems to enjoy is going to the defaulting owners' unit and telling them that they can write a check for the judgment now, or the sheriff is coming in two hours. Apparently worked once.

    However, whether it is a forcible detainer proceeding (for failure to pay rent or condo assessments) or mortgage foreclosure, and regardless of how unfair those proceedings may be, the defendant gets plenty of notice, from the initial summons to the writ of execution, to prepare (and usually knows that they have not paid), so I suppose that packing up was the least of the defendant's concerns.

    In fact, if you want to discuss persons not planning, how about our "highly intelligent" former County Board President, who let his and his daddy's possessions in a storage locker get auctioned off, despite apparently receiving notice that he did not pay the bill?

  • And you could evict some of the bleeping spam from here.

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