Those Dreaded Action Items; Don't Lose Them!

One of the most common organizing issues that this organizing diva sees all the time, is active paper! I find it everywhere. One client left hers on the sink(a little splash of water and its a gone). Another in a drawer. And lets not forget the horrific plastic inboxes.

David Allen the author of Getting Things Done, feels that every piece of paper should have a place or a "bucket". I totally agree with him. I also use the motto "Don't put it down, put it away!"

So how should all these pesky papers that invade our lives be handled? Everyone should have action items files! Yes sir, you need a place to put your papers that need to be processed or handled.

There are several different systems in which to set up your action items:

* A thin file box that sets upon your desk

* A vertical file stand upon your desk

* A plastic accordian file that sits on a shelf or in a file drawer

So now lets talk about verbage. How should you label these files? The most common problem I see is over thinking the process. Choose simple verbage that will trigger your mind as to what is in the file.

* BILLS TO PAY...Everyone needs one of these files

*TO DO..simple and to the point. Some people choose to label this one as "urgent"

*PENDING..after the first step is done, it moves from to do to pending. An example of this would be an online order.

*SOCIAL/ACTIVITIES..What better place to keep invitations or social interests.

This is just an example of the most popular types of action items. Customize based on the things that you are dealing with in your life.



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