Organizing; It's Not Rocket Science

People are always amazed that some organizing solutions are simple. Sometimes it just takes another pair of eyes to come into your place and give you an evaluation. One client even told me that she could have thought of it herself. Alot of the time it comes down to:

* Relocating items

* Recontainerizing items

*Changing out hangers in the closet

Many people feel that an organizers duty is to systemize everything in your home. Yes, we are there to help you create systems; but we all like to keep it simple.

I have been in homes where its over systemized. It just gets downright confusing and hard to remember all the different systems.  Not to mention all the bins!! Like the simple country gal I am, I like to keep it simple.

So when searching for organizing solutions, remember; its not rocket science! Keep it simple and visible!!



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