Mom-Ventory; Do You Have Yours Under Control

Last week, I had several jobs helping clients organize their "Mom-Ventories." What is a mom-ventory you ask; a word that I made up. In the Kelly dictionary it means--An inventory that a Mom has to keep her family going. This inventory encompasses everything from clothes to pass down, food, or even party supplies.  Depending on the space of the home, this inventory could be stored in a basement or a few different locations in the home.

A mom-ventory is built up to help the family save money and time. A well managed arsonal can do both. A disorganized collection is one big crazy cluster. If there isn't a system you will end up with alot of duplicate purchases and waste(think expired food).

I was amazed that passing down clothes has turned into such an art form. This is one obvious way for a family to save money. I am very thankful that I never had to wear used shoes though.

* Sort clothes by size and season if possible.

* Keep only what you will utilize.

* Give back or donate the items that won't work for your family.

Food storage is another essential part of the mom-ventory. I am noticing alot more families are buying in bulk or taking advantage of sales. If you don't have your food storage organized, you will end up with alot of waste. It breaks my heart when I have to throw away bags of expired food.

* Organize by type

* Don't over purchase things that have a short expiration date

* Make a list before you shop

Gifts are another stock up item. Alot of people also like to regift items.

* Sort them by adult, boy, or girl.

* Make sure you keep only gifts that are quality that someone would like.

And last but not least, the holiday/party area.  This tends to take up the most space.

* Sort items by holiday. Put like with like.

* Take the use them or lose them attitude. If you don't put it up, put it down!

* Don't bother saving left over paper plates/napkins from holidays. Do you really think you are going to use those crumpled napkins next year? Put them in your kitchen and use them up!

There is nothing wrong with keeping an mom-ventory.  I personally think its a great idea. The key is --management. You should always:

* Know what you have

* How much you have

* Where it is

And how should you store this inventory? If you are a lucky one that has a basement, clear bins work great for clothing or holiday storage. As for food storage, I am a big fan of cabinets or pantry/closets.

Happy Organizing!!


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