Level Three on The Hoarding Scale; Elevated

Level one on the hoarding scale is described as low. Level two on the hoarding scale is described as guarded. Level three is when the home is in a more serious state.

* Structure-- You will see various items outside and around the house. The home will generally have some type of structural damage.

*Animals and Pests-- The animal population exceeds legal regulation. There is inadequate sanitation and animal odor in the home. A light insect  infestation might be present.

*Household Functions--Clutter obstructs the functions of the key living areas. At least one room isn't being used for its intended purpose. The housekeeping is substandard.

*Healthy and Safety--Non maintained sanitationconditions. The kitchen and the bathroom are oftened very dirty. Dirty laundry is scattered around the home. The home contains lots of dirt, dust, and debris.

At this level, the home has become unsave and functional to the residents and pets. There is quite a build up of items. This is the point where many people's family or friends reach out to get them help.

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