Hoarding Scale; Levels Four and Five

In my last several blogs, I have discussed the first three levels on the hoarding scale which is published by the Institute of Challenging Disorganization. Today I am going to outline the level four and five of the scale.

Level Four...This level is described as  high

Structure and Zoning-- excessive clutter of items outdoors and indoors. HVAC devices not working for longer that a year. Structural damage to the home. Water damage, mold, and odors

Animals and Pests--Animal population exceeds local ordinances, poor animal sanitation, medium insect infestation

Household Functions--Diminished use of key living areas, rooms so cluttered that they cant be used for intended purposes, clutter inhabits hallways and entryways, appliances used inappropriately..refrig storing thing

Level Five...This is described as severe hoarding

Structure and Zoning--Extreme indoor/outdoor clutter, abandoned machinery,HVAC not working, damaged walls and foundation,

Animals and Pests--Animals at risk health and behavior, heavy insect infestation

Household Functions--Key living spaces not usuable, all rooms not used for intended purposes,toilets and sinks not functioning,entrances and exits blocked

These last two levels of the scale indicate years of build up. The homes are often very dirty, cluttered and unsave. At this time, usually families step in and intervene to get help.


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