Cold vs Warm Storage

We all have it..stuff we want to keep but dont use on a regular basis. So where does it go and what do we do with it? That is the million dollar question.

Each of us have two types of storage...Warm storage is someplace close to us but not in reach of the hand. Cold storage is a place like a storage unit in your basement, offsight storage or an attic.

basement shelving

When organizing your home, its important to keep the things that you use on a regular or semi regular basis close to you. The items that you dont use as much such as seasonal, entertaining things should be accessible but not in immediate reach.

A couple of examples of this mentality include the following . The other day I was working with a client who had a bunch of games in her media center. She was looking to use her space more wisely. I asked if she used them. After careful consideration we decided the games could go on top of a closet shelf. They were still accessible but not taking up prime space. We were able to use the new found space for her kids games.

Another client was having trouble with an overfilled kitchen. We removed all her large entertaining pieces and put them on a shelf in the basement. This made her kitchen much less crowded.

So the moral of the story is...keep close what is near, dear, and usuable on a regular basis. Dont let me find those holiday decorations in your prime space!!

Happy Storing!!


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