Bag Ladies

And you thought women got excited about shoes. They love those bags as well. And I am not just talking about nice we are talking about totes!

I joke with my clients that I hold "bag interventions". In my years organizing, I have come across quite a few tote lovers. Its always amazing the reasons whey one should have ten plus totes. I am constantly told its the size and function. I recently had a client that had 5 diaper bags for her child. Another client has a different bag for each different activity in her life.

Bags are coming in our live through all different events, work , parties , ect....I too have alot of bags that home entered the Casa de la Kelly. It takes a very special bag to be able to stay. Salvation Army has done well through the years with my bag donations.

These big bulky items also take up prime space. So next time a new bag enters your life, think of it this way...

* What can I use this bag for? Think mulitple uses

* Can it replace an old one?

* Is the size functional?

We all need a few bags for shlepping. That is true. Reusable bags are also good for the grocery store and shopping(I keep those in my trunk).

So bag the bags!


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